Jeff Fama, R.A.


Jeff has been practicing architecture since 1988. He received his associates in Mathematics from Cayuga Community College, a Bachelor of Architecture from Spring Garden College, and finally a Masters of Architecture from SUNY @ Buffalo in 1994. Jeff has a fascination with making and construction along with the process of how a building are assembled. Jeff’s diverse architectural experience includes train stations, malls, movie theaters, higher education institutions, historic preservation/renovation, high rise, master planning, and high-end residential construction.

Jeff is a committed educational advocate, teaching graduate design at Drexel University for over 20 years, and has taught at Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia Community College, Cayuga Community College, and Jefferson University.

Before working with Tantillo Architecture, Jeff worked at Ewing Cole, spg3, Marguerite Rodgers, Harry Weese Associates, GBQC, and practiced Forensic Architecture. Jeff enjoys the opportunities the profession provides and enjoys working with designers, contractors, and owners to create indelible places. Jeff is a long-time resident in Philadelphia, residing in south Philly with his family for the past dozen-plus years, enjoying the vibrancy of the neighborhood renaissance.