Beaufort Residence

A new 5,000 sf, single family home located in the South Carolina low-country in the historic town of Beaufort. The waterfront site is heavily wooded with mature cypress, hickory, laurel oak and pine trees along with magnificent live oak trees which are protected per local ordinance. The pie shaped site is further constrained by significant building setbacks from the waterfront, wetlands and side yards.

The project is broken into three distinct volumes: main house, master suite, and guest house/garage. The main house is linked to the master suite via a curved glass enclosed walkway which allows views to the water and to the front yard. The main house is lifted above the flood elevation and incorporates traditional low-country elements such as broad overhangs and porches to mitigate the weather and provide outdoor living areas.

The master suite utilizes brick masonry at its base to provide visual weight to balance out the larger volume of the main house and keep it from being overwhelmed in the composition of forms. The guest suite is the smallest of the three buildings and the brick masonry is brought across the first floor just below the deep porch roof as a further tool to offset the compositional weight of the other two buildings. Standing seam metal roofing, horizontal and shingle wood siding along with decorative columns and brackets are incorporated into the design, referencing the traditional building style in the area.

Project Details

Client: Beaufort Residence

Location: Beaufort, SC

Category: Residential Exterior

Scale: 5,000 sf

Status: Complete

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