International Plaza

Commercial Interior Design renovation of all ground level public areas of existing office building near Philadelphia International Airport. We seized on the unique proximity of this project to the airport to being an identity of movement delineated by fluid architectural forms and finishes punctuated by rectilinear nodes of interest. We utilized simple materials to create walls that reshape the interior into dynamically connected spaces that flow effortlessly along a clear route. Two new walls are the primary architectural elements which activate and define the public areas. The first wall, clad in a silvery mica, wraps the core forming a sinuous line in plan that billows around existing rooms, reshaping the pathway and creating new view points. Portals project through the wall, accentuating the depth of the wall and the programming behind it. The second wall, a three-dimensional milled wall, defines the entry and is reminiscent of the effects of wind blowing across fabric and the LCD panel provides a source of continuous movement and a focal point at the end of the wall.

Project Details

Client: Amerimar Enterprises

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Category: Commercial Interiors

Scale: Coming Soon

Status: Completed 2007

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