The three-building complex that overlooks Independence Hall and Washington Square, formerly known as the Penn Mutual Towers, underwent a multi-million dollar lobby and facade renovation completed in the spring of 2015. Originally built in 1910, 1930 and 1970, the three buildings are all registered in the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. The renovation involved cleaning and repairing some of the building’s grand historical features while refreshing some of the tired features that were tacked on later.

The renovation in 510 Walnut Street opens up the lobby, previously closed off, to great views of Independence Hall across the street. New lighting and increased window area brighten up the space that was dark and cavernous. New soft, tactile materials and plantings turn the lobby into a living room for the three buildings. The renovation in 520 Walnut Street returns it to the grandeur of the 1930s by refreshing the ceiling, removing dated furnishings added in the 1980s and adding new lighting to highlight the lobby’s historical features.

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