Our design solution sought to craft a contemporary architectural aesthetic across the four interior facades and atrium floor areas to unite the space into a cohesive experience using a palette of materials and forms complementing the historic architecture without resorting to post-modern pastiche.  The atrium is entered through a curved steel-framed “gate” infilled with stacked wooden posts and set on axis in concert with the existing symmetry of the room.  Across the room, wood-clad stadium seating terminates the view and provides raised seating for large events and individual usage.  Fixed light poles define the central hall which is appointed with café tables & chairs, upholstered sofas and lounge chairs which can be repositioned for flexible use depending on the event.

Flanking either side of the room are fixed steel framed kiosks, lined with timber slats and spherical pendant lights.  The exposed steel frames clad with parallel dimensional wood slats on three sides, create a ‘forced perspective’ and focus the view to the center of the space.  Café tables and chairs with upholstered banquettes provide for leisurely conversations and impromptu meetings.  Caramel-color lounge chairs and cocktail tables are nestled in the far corners of the atrium maximizing collaborative meeting areas.  The center kiosk includes a built-in quartzite-clad stone service bar serving as a basis for food and beverage lunchtime service and during events.

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