As part of amenity space upgrades to this existing eleven story building, Tantillo Architecture was asked to relocate an existing 8th floor fitness center to an existing commercial kitchen space on the 5th floor, which had been decommissioned. This space was selected in part as it had direct access to an exterior terrace and linear planter that wraps around the south end of the building. One of the challenges with relocation of this fitness center was how to connect this space, accessed through a long back-of-house corridor with dense overhead utilities, in a meaningful way to the main elevator lobby. The design solution that was pursued was a gradual introduction to the exterior space by installing alternating moss and wood veneer-look panels along the corridor route to the fitness center. This rhythm of natural elements was contrasted with floating black expanded metal ceiling planes and industrial gray walls, with existing utilities painted dark. Upon arrival at the entrance to the fitness center, visitors have direct views to the exterior – existing masonry walls were removed and new exterior storefront was installed to bring light into the fitness area, with new lush foliage installed in the existing planters. The fitness center ceiling was painted dark, with wood veneer-look panels cladding existing column furr-outs, and a swath of green turf along the window wall, tying the restrained color palette back to the moss accent panels. Custom suspended “pipeline” light fixtures are articulated to accommodate existing ductwork while creating a sculptural effect underneath existing utilities.

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